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Exterior Painting

painting the house gutter

We just have to get this out of the way. Using a paint sprayer is not the only way to be able to paint exteriors effectively. Plenty of infomercials over the years have convinced many folks that painting large exterior areas with paint sprayers is super easy. You have to have a good idea of what you’re doing though to be able to obtain consistent results. As we always mentioned not every single surface can be painted in the same manner. That’s one of the main reasons why we see botched painting attempts. Take all of the risks out of the equation and give us a call.

What’s The Best Time Of The Year To Paint Outdoors?

We get this question quite a bit so we thought that we would lead off with it. Here in Southern California, this is usually not something that’s a major issue. If anything we would maybe want to push things back a bit if we saw that a couple of rainy days were upcoming. Other than that, there are really not many instances where we would say go with this time of the year or the other. We’re used to the heat and it doesn’t get too cold anyway so not a big issue at all.

Painting All Sorts Of Different Facades

Throughout the site, it can be said that we beat this drum quite a bit. To say that not every single painting service is going to be the same or even similar. With home or building exteriors, we know that there are all sorts of different facades that we could potentially encounter. You can be sure that we’ll bring in the right type of paint and we’ll have a clear idea of how things need to be done. Ultimately that will show up in the final result.

How Do You Paint?

We’re addressing this because a lot of people now have the idea that with a paint sprayer you can paint virtually anything outdoors in record time. We’re not particularly married to one type of painting. We actually believe that different tools and techniques have to be applied to be able to reach the best type of results. Particularly with outdoor facades. A lot of times we’re not going to be dealing with completely rectangular surfaces. What this tends to cause is the development of hard to reach places. That’s why we use different paint rollers, brushes, and everything that you can imagine.

How Do I Keep The Color From Fading Quickly?

Paint jobs outdoors are going to have to deal with the elements and dirt and everything. So, it’s normal to a certain degree that they’ll begin to fade quicker than maybe the same color indoors. The best way to avoid this is to use high-quality paint and enough coats of paint to make sure the original finish holds up. At the same time cleaning the area accordingly can also be a big help.

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