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Drywall Repair

putting up the ceiling wall

There are plenty of reasons why drywall repair could be a good idea and something to look at. Obviously, if there is a glaring issue with the wall then you need to do something about it. We also deal though with older surfaces that maybe just don’t look as great as they once did. When that’s the case it’s also a good idea to have the area fixed up. No matter what your particular situation happens to be you can count on us for help. Be sure to give us a call or contact us if you happen to be experiencing drywall issues.

Drywall Evaluation

The first thing that we’re going to want to do with drywall repairs is to look at the wall and spot all of the minor or major issues that we can. What we don't want to do is promise that we’re going to patch everything up quickly and end up doing a poor job. It’s very important to be able to spot and highlight all of the issues that we can find in the wall to then make the next decision.

What Type Of Repair Would You Like?

When you’re dealing with just a couple of cracks here and there there is a chance that we could effectively patch up the wall and repaint and everything would be just fine. As we mentioned before though, we don’t want to go in thinking that this is the only option that we’re going to have. If we feel that the extent of the damage is greater than may be anticipated we’ll let you know and give you a set up of options including major panel replacements. When we’re dealing with moisture or mold issues it’s very important to be able to dig deep into the wall and remove all of the parts of it that have been affected.

Adding Texture To Walls

We can potentially add texture to all of the walls that we paint. There are different ways that we’re going to be able to achieve this. We can spray texture onto walls. We can also use a roller to be able to make sure that we add texture exactly where we want it. In many ways, the best way to qualify what we do is to say that we can create all sorts of designs not only with texture on walls but with all sorts of different color schemes.

How Extensive Of A Repair Could You Provide?

Pretty much as extensive as it needs to be. If you have a moisture issue for example and we need to not only remove multiple drywall panels but also adjust some of the insulation material and the frame we can get that done. Of course, this is not something that we’re just going to take the liberty of doing without even mentioning anything to you. These are all things that we’ll go over with you before we start any renovation. At the end of it all, you can bet you’ll have a freshly painted wall.


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