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If you need to paint anything whether it be within your home or business you should really consider calling pros to handle the job. Painting is something that a lot of people at one point in their lives, try to get done on their own. If you’re looking for a long-term solution and a way to not have to worry about a thing when you paint something you really should think about giving us a call.

We’re a painting company that’s been working in this area of southern California for years. We’ve worked with home and business owners to help them give their properties amazing paint finishes.

About Us

We’re very much aware of the fact that painting is something that a lot of folks think that they can do. Therefore, it’s super important for us to be able to provide paint finishes that actually look and feel professional. We know that we’re going to be judged by our results, but we also believe that the process is important. A big part of our job is making sure that the process of painting anything is smooth and we don’t make your life uncomfortable in the process.

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    Our Services

    Painting indoor walls and painting outdoor structures is never going to be the same. Actually, the way that we paint could vary even from one wall to the next depending on the type of wall that we happen to be painting. You can call us and have us paint virtually any type of structure. Also, we can handle large scale paint renovation projects. For example, if you have graffiti all over your walls we can help you remedy the situation. Obviously, all of the results that we’re able to provide definitely look the part. Painting is not just about adding layers and layers of paint without a care.

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    Interior Painting

    One of the main reasons do-it-yourself jobs at times don’t render the type of results that you would like is the fact that you want to buy the same type of paint for the entire interior. That could work if you buy the right type of paint and you only have one type of wall. If you’re just dealing with regular drywall it’s a bit easier. If you have stucco or other types of walls the painting process can and actually should vary. We’ll be able to bring in the right type of paint and use specific techniques that we know will work and offer proper results.

    Exterior Painting

    With exterior painting we encounter some of the same challenges that we alluded to in interior painting. We need to make sure that we know how to handle the type of structure that we’re painting. Dealing with outdoor stucco walls is not going to be the same as dealing with siding, or masonry structures. At the same time, the paint job is going to be under much more “pressure” than indoors. In the sense that, it has to deal with the elements all day everyday. We can paint all sorts of outdoor structures the right way.

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    team using roller paint

    Drywall Repair

    Certain issues can show up in drywall from time to time for various reasons. Most of the issues that we see are moisture issues and at times just an age situation or a problem caused by a direct impact on the wall. Drywall repair is a multi step process sometimes smaller issues are certainly a little bit easier to deal with, but you do run the risk of having the wall actually look all patched up. That’s one of the things we’ll certainly want to avoid.

    Cabinet Painting

    One of the quickest ways to update the way that your entire kitchen looks is to go ahead and repaint all of your cabinets. As with all of the surfaces that we paint we ensure that we’re using the right type of paint or stain for wood. At the same time, this can be a process that can be finished rather quickly. We know that you don’t want to have our guys on your property for weeks. Give us a call if you want a quote for our services. We’ll be able to give you a proper time table for the service as well.

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    graffiti is in the wall
    painting of the cabinets

    Graffiti Removal

    There are few situations as frustrating as having to deal with unwanted graffiti. Sometimes graffiti can actually be removed rather quickly through pressure washing. That’s usually an option if the fine folks who vandalized your wall used cheap paint, which is sometimes the case. If a couple of days or months have passed by and you’ve allowed the paint to settle in it’s going to be more difficult to just scrap off. That’s where we come in. We can add the necessary number of coats to ensure that the graffiti no longer shows.

    Commercial Painting

    With large scale paint jobs you just definitely have to bring in professionals. A lot of commercial projects are not as easy as grabbing a brush and begging to paint. There may be certain permits involved and certain safety requirements. Of course, we have a large enough team to be able to handle large scale projects even on short notice. We can also help you file all of the paperwork that is necessary to start getting the job done. If you want to know more about what we offer be sure to read through this page on the site.

    I thought about painting my own home for about a second. I don’t regret dismissing the idea and giving El Monte Painting Co, a call. They did a great job and I didn’t move a muscle. - Peter R.

    There was a time where I had my walls graffitied quite regularly. I didn’t really know what to do. Luckily, these guys were able to find a solution for me. I’m very grateful! - Marcus O.

    These guys take care of everything from wall repair to repainting and giving you a unique finish. Their services are really worth it! - Diane T.


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